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"It was hard for us to reach the local customers. But thanks for 1MKT, they unlock the potential for me."
Jess Li
FunDle CEO
"Digital marketing gives me more power of reaching more potential customers while keeping low budget. "
Ned White
Lawban Owner

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It all starts with love. Yes, every team member loves digital marketing to bring you the most professional services including Facebook, Google, Instagram, WeChat and Little Red Book. 

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leads, leads, more leads

Does it really work? Well, it is hard to say it does if it is not from 1MKT. It’s not just about digital marketing, but more on the side of bringing in actual leads that matters. 

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Weekly Report & Analysis

CTR? ROI? PPC? HUH? Numbers does not mean anything. Umm...It kinda does but only when we put the numbers all together. We provide you not only the numbers, but we put them all together as well. Plus some analysis.

Global Marketing Accessible

You know what's good about digital marketing? Digital! What I mean was it can be spread all over the world and breaking the restriction of locations or even language barriers. Think globally my friend.

All Areas Compatible

The digital marketing services we provide can be applied onto many areas including beauty, properties, education, immigration, finance and dining.

Personalied Services

Posting ads is easy. Just like posting ads on the wall. Sorry that is not the services we provide. What we do is firstly understand your business and what you need, and we solve the problems, providing you personalised experience.

Support All Platforms

All the websites and campaign are all compatible across all different platforms including PC, iOS, Android or even the big screen on TV. There is no way to escape from us.

Automation & eDMs

Automation and eDMs. Boring stuff.

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